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Tomorrow evening, Apple will hold a pre-recorded online conference again, a first for September when we are more used to attending high mass dedicated to iPhone. This year, because of the coronavirus and the pandemic, the situation will be different and it is said that Apple could organize a series of several virtual events over the water and fall to announce its products when they are ready. .

Two new Apple Watch

Tomorrow’s keynote was announced with a nice “ Time flies “, Time is running out, which leaves little doubt as to what will be presented. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to deduce that Tim Cook’s teams are going to be talking about Watch Series 6.

We know very little about this new version of the connected watch. One of the biggest new things could be an oximeter, a sensor that measures the amount of oxygen in the blood. A way to detect health problems or to provide even more detailed sports monitoring.

In addition, the Watch Series 6 could be able to detect panic attacks or high levels of stress thanks to on-board sensors (heart rate monitor, oximeter, speed of breathing, etc.). The watch would then recommend breathing exercises to help the user regain control and calm down.

The design should remain unchanged. On the other hand, its new System in Package (the name Apple gives to its tailor-made SoC) could make it more responsive when launching applications, while ensuring even more autonomy.

On this point, leaks recently claimed that the new Apple Watch would benefit from a new battery with slightly increased capacity (303.8 mAh, compared to the 296 mAH currently on the Series 5).

The Series 6 could benefit from a fast charging function, which would be a good idea since watchOS 7 will have sleep tracking on board and the recharging phase will therefore be shortened. It also seems, according to recent rumors, that it is available in new colors.

But the Series 6 wouldn’t be the only watch Apple could introduce. A new entry-level Watch could be introduced to replace the Series 3, which has played this role until now. It could be, according to some rumors, a Series 4, which would adopt the design and the essential functions (screen all the time on, for example) of the Series 5.

An iPad Air

A year and a half after its last update, the iPad Air will also be back at Apple’s September 15 keynote. In our test of theiPad Air 2019, we were saying that the tablet has almost everything an iPad Pro, that should be even more true this year.

The new Air should indeed adopt the design of the iPad Pro, with its almost edge-to-edge screen, with a panel whose size could be set between 10.8 and 11 inches. However, this new tablet would not benefit from Face ID. Apple engineers would have slipped Touch ID authentication into the power button on the side, unless they managed to get it under the display.

Another point on which the iPad Air would approach the Pro models, the connectivity. The Lightning port could be replaced by a USB-C port. That would be good news, but this rumor was already circulating for the previous generation, so let’s be careful. Apple could also integrate Smart Connectors into its iPad Air, which would allow Tim Cook to introduce a Magic Keyboard, like the iPad Pros.

Finally, this iPad Air 2020 would embed an Apple A14 chip, thus giving priority to the iPhone, and four stereo speakers.

Leaks and rumors about iPads are still less numerous and specific than those involving iPhones, with some suggesting that Apple may also update its entry-level iPad. That would be good news, but we’ll have to wait for the keynote to find out more.

And a little more?

Three other products could be introduced during Apple’s keynote.

AirTags, which are long overdue now and which would allow, when attached to an object, such as a key ring, to find it thanks to the Find iPhone application.

The AirPods Studio are said to be Apple’s new high-end headphones. It is said to be an over-the-ear hoop model. Two versions could be presented, one focused on high-end and comfort, the other on sport.

The HomePod mini could also be part of the party. We’ve heard about it for years without ever seeing it happen. More compact than the current model, it would also and above all be more affordable. Outwardly it should look like his big brother and keep most of its functions.

But no iPhone

Traditionally, the September event has been the occasion for Apple to launch its new smartphones. This year because of the coronavirus pandemic, production has been delayed and despite forced labor since the end of general containment, the manufacture of the four units that should be presented has not caught up with the delay. Apple should therefore organize another event later in the fall to talk about its new smartphones, which will feature OLED panels available in three sizes: 5.4, 6.1 and 6.7 inches. All models are expected to be 5G, although millimeter 5G may be reserved for the larger, higher-end iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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