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In recent times even Saint Thomas has found it difficult to deny the very probable existence of the Xbox S Series, little sister of the Series X. The leaks and “marketing blunders” of recent weeks on the Web have continued to spill ink and give more body to this console. The appearance of its mention on the box of a controller or on a flyer for the Game Pass were going in the same direction … The signs were converging more and more towards the proven existence of this S Series. All that was missing was an official communication.

And as many leaks have emerged in recent hours on the Web, Microsoft has been forced to react and formalize the Xbox Series S. It would be ” the smallest Xbox ever “.

This will undoubtedly shake up his calendar of announcements a bit. Let’s see the bright side of things: Redmond will be able to direct its communication on the technical platform of the S and on the games to come on the next gen consoles in order to try to hold the dragee high at Sony and PlayStation 5.

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Small, yes, without a doubt!

As we can see above in one of the tweets that emerged on the Web last night: the Series S would indeed be narrower and less tall than the X. Like the One S, it would be all white. Or almost: a large black circular opening would crimp the top of the case, and must hide the fan necessary for proper cooling of the console.

In the images, we do not discern an optical drive: the S Series would be the future of the Current One S All-Digital. It would be a console fully oriented towards dematerialized games and the consumption of online services such as Game Pass or, even, the xCloud when the latter adds the string of sedentary lifestyle to his bow.

The S Series would not be a next-gen console at a discount

If we are to believe the latest rumors and our American colleagues on the site The Verge, this Series S would benefit from a platform designed on the same plans as that of the Series X. Clearly, it would call for an AMD architecture, which combines both the CPU (Zen 2) and GPU (RDNA 2). It is very likely that the S Series also includes an SSD (512 GB, according to the leak below), so that new generation games compatible with the Velocity Architecture and the DirectStorage can be started in the blink of an eye.

However, as the noise of the hallway has always claimed, on paper, it would perform well below that of the current Xbox one x (4 TFLOPS for the S Series against 10 for the One X).

Still, this future console would be comfortable when it comes to displaying games in Full HD. According to a video very recently posted on Twitter which would disclose an advertising spot of the Series S, we discover that it would be able to run games in 1440p at 120 fps and compatible with ray tracing, the Variable Rate Shading (intelligent targeting of generation and calculation of textures) and Variable Refresh Rate (variation of the screen refresh rate according to the number of images per second generated by the card).

Native 4K? Yes, but for video content only. It would be excluded in games while the upscaled UHD rendering would be there. No doubt thanks to graphic technologies such as Super Sampling or Checkerboard Rendering.

Who would be interested in this console? Players who:

  • have not planned to switch to 4K for the moment due to lack of a suitable television or screen,
  • swear by speed, responsiveness and fluidity like pro and semi-pro players who want at least 60 fps in Full HD on their favorite competitive shooter,
  • don’t want to break the bank on a new console but have the opportunity to enjoy new games even if they don’t show up in their best graphic light,
  • wish to subscribe or are already subscribed to Game Pass because the mode of consumption on demand suits them more.

Microsoft is expected to reveal a lot more information about the S Series in the coming weeks especially if, as recent rumors report, this console and the Series X are due to launch on November 11, the first at $ 299 (that’s safe) and the second, at 499 dollars ?

Sources: Thurrott and Microsoft

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