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His the future may well be threatened, Huawei does not intend to stop innovating. This afternoon, the most famous Chinese brand will announce its new series of high-end smartphones, the Mate 40. Several products are expected, according to the leaks, including a Mate 40 Pro, a Mate 40 Pro + and a Mate 40 RS Porsche Edition. The brand should also unveil its first high-end headphones, the Freebuds Studio, and announce new connected accessories.

Where to watch the conference?

Like many companies, Huawei plans to broadcast its press conference on social networks. From 2 p.m., you will be able to watch his lecture on YouTube and other platforms.

Sure 01net’s Twitter account, we will also offer you a live-tweet in images of the brand’s announcements. If you don’t have time to watch the entire event or just want to content yourself with the essentials in French, we invite you to consult our Twitter.

In the wake of the conference, will come back to all the announcements of the Chinese manufacturer. This presentation is more special than ever for Huawei, in the midst of turmoil, facing US sanctions. Despite everything, the brand has to reassure itself about its ability to innovate.

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