Where does football come from?


Where does football come from? Football originated in England as early as 1800. It was originally played by upper class aristocrats. Since the game does not require a lot of money to play, it has slowly become the game of ordinary people.

The standard rules of the sport were formulated by the London Football Association and are applied throughout Europe. The London Football Association was founded in 1863.

In recent years, different football teams have been organized and joined the tournaments. In the same vein, more and more European countries have adopted sport. As the number of people interested in the sport increased, the tournaments were formalized so that it was accepted as a sport and was played at the 1900 Olympics.

In 1904, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association or FIFA was founded. FIFA is the governing body of international football tournaments. In 1930, the first international World Cup competition was held.

In 1913, the Americans formed their own football team called the United States Soccer Federation (USSF). American football is much preferred by Americans over football. It is one of their long famous sports. They are less interested in sports football.

The mindset of Americans about the sport changed with the inclusion of Brazilian footballer Pelé in the New York Cosmos team. It didn’t take long due to Pelé’s early retirement. Later, the Football League was dissolved due to its unpopularity among fans.

When the Men’s World Cup was held in the United States in 1994, Americans got interested in football. Today Americans love football so much. It even led to the formation of Major League Soccer (MLS).

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