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Never two without three. After a first conference in September dedicated to the Apple Watch and iPads then a second event in October dedicated to iPhones, Apple is preparing to end its year 2020 on Tuesday, November 10 with a keynote dedicated to Macs.
As announced during WWDC, Californian computers are about to experience a revolution. After abandoning PowerPCs for Intel processors in 2005, Apple will this time switch to an ARM architecture by adopting its own Apple Silicon processors, a slightly muscular variant of those found in iPhone and iPad.

Tonight, Apple should unveil the first machines equipped with a home processor and reveal the details of these changes. This event is called “One More Thing”, an expression that can only delight fans of the brand.

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The conference broadcast in video streaming

Do you have some time between 7 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. tonight? Good news, Apple’s keynote will be accessible to everyone. Meeting on, on Twitter or YouTube to watch it live. Logically, it should be a pre-recorded video like in September and October.

To follow on and on our Twitter

At, as at every important conference, our journalists will offer you a follow-up of the event throughout the evening.

On our site, a live article will allow you to obtain a first decryption on each advertisement of the brand. Then we will offer you several summary articles announcements of the day. Finally, a video summing up everything Apple said on Tuesday night will arrive in the late evening.

On social networks, the 01net Twitter account live-tweet the conference. We will also try to answer as many of your questions as possible. If you are not very comfortable with English or simply prefer to have the advice of specialized journalists to better understand the challenges of this major transition, you can count on us!

A special show on 01TV

Finally, our 01TV TV channel will be live this evening to comment on the Apple conference. Another way to keep up with events if you are not an English speaker or just want to have a little more entertaining time.

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