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Western astrological zodiac signs can be used to determine the compatibility of potential lovers. When you ask what sign is a good match for a Scorpio first you need to understand Scorpio. By nature, a Scorpio is a difficult personality to associate with. If you are compatible, however, you will be blessed with a faithful, loving, trustworthy, and considerate partner.

Scorpio has a huge appetite for love which can often be much bigger than their partner. They can be very jealous and paranoid at times, making the partner uncomfortable. Spontaneous sex is adored by Scorpios who like to take charge of themselves throughout sex and can sometimes use it to get what they want from partners. Although sometimes manipulative, Scorpios are very loyal and trustworthy.

Their passion for sexual intimacy can sometimes become too much for many partners. Scorpio will even use body language and eye contact to make subtle love at times in the company of others. This, when combined with actual sex, can be too complicated for some people.

Although a Scorpio maintains high standards in their day to day life, they tend to focus on the things they are passionate about. This can lead to a conversation on these topics with sometimes undesirable monotony.

Although very phlegmatic, Scorpios are very passionate and emotional on the inside and like to dictate rather than take orders. They like to be in control of their own destiny as well as those of the people around them. They find it very distressing when people in a relationship with them can change their routine or their life in ways beyond their control.

If you take this information about the nature of a Scorpio, the most ideal matches are Scorpio (but not as much as the signs that follow), Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, and Virgo.

Source by Angelina Andrews

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