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A few days before the release of the PlayStation 5, logic would want sales to slow at Sony. Yet, looking at the latest quarterly results for the Japanese company, the PlayStation division has never done so well. Its revenue in the third quarter of 2020 is 507 billion yen (about 4.1 billion euros) while its profit is 105 billion yen (about 858 million euros). In the same period last year, the revenue of the PlayStation division was 454 billion yen (approximately 3.7 billion euros).

1.5 million PS4, 80.9 million games

From year to year, PS4 sales logically fall. Sony sold 1.5 million copies of its console this quarter, against 2.8 million in 2019. However, games continue to hit the mark. There were 80.9 million sales this quarter, up from 70.6 last year. The Covid-19 crisis is undoubtedly for something.

The number of PlayStation Plus subscribers is also on the rise. They were 36.9 million last year, they are now 45.9 million. The company now knows that its next quarter will be determined by first sales of the PS5 even though Sony warns that pre-orders for the console have shattered all records. “Not everyone who wants to buy a PS5 on release day will be able to find one” warns Jim Ryan, the boss of the PlayStation division.

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