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The suspense has been going on for over a year. The municipal elections and the Covid-19 did not help, but the mayor of Paris now has an offer of free-floating electric scooters clear and controlled. It was David Belliard, deputy mayor of Paris in charge of transport who unveiled the identity of the three operators who have obtained authorization to deploy for the next two years. Lime, Tier and Dott win the contract and at the same time agree to sign an agreement to occupy the public space.

This authorization to develop their service is valid for 5,000 scooters per operator. According to the Fluctuo site, Lime, a historical player in the Capital already has this park with no less than 4,900 scooters in circulation. Dott would have for his part some 2300 machines available. As for Dott, he is by far the least established in the Paris region since he had so far only had 500 electric scooters. The three operators were said to have been selected after a process which had initiated at the end of 2019 no less than 16 candidates. According to the City of Paris, three criteria prevailed in decision-making: environmental responsibility, user safety and management of vehicle maintenance and recharging.

15,000 electric scooters in total

On the side of the town hall, the effort will consist of setting up 2,500 parking spaces dedicated to electric scooters. According to the latest information available “they are in the process of being created and each one will be able to accommodate at least 6 machines”. As for charging, it should fall to the American company Charge, which has been testing charging stations in the capital since early July and whose technology is compatible with the three operators.

The outcome of this call for tenders is the culmination of a long process aimed at streamlining the rapid development of open access scooter services in Paris. Reduced to three operators and 15,000 units, this reduced and controlled fleet should be more in line with the desire to develop soft mobility in the capital.

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