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The current health crisis has pushed a large number of SMEs to rethink their activities, in particular with the democratization of teleworking: more than ever, having the possibility of storing professional documents in the cloud, not only to share them between employees, but also to make them available from everywhere, in a secure manner, is a necessity. But that does not mean that it is enough to take the first professional solution within reach to ensure an optimal quality of service: if the GAFAM, which includes in particular Google and Microsoft, always have an attractive proposition to make companies want to choose their platforms, some crucial questions need to be asked. Where is the data stored? Is their confidentiality guaranteed? Who can consult them?

While storing your business files in the cloud is a big deal, that doesn’t mean they have to be far from you: kDrive, Infomaniak’s cloud service, offers a complete offer, developed and hosted in Switzerland. It is aimed at SMEs, freelancers or even self-employed entrepreneurs, and displays very advantageous prices, starting at 4.99 euros per month excluding tax for 2 TB of storage space.


kDrive, much more than a cloud service

Not content with allowing you to store your documents on a remote server and offer access to them from all your connected devices, kDrive also provides access to various tools and modules allowing you to very precisely manage access to files and their use in line. User management allows you to define who can access online documents and in what way: from a simple reading to a write right, the administrator can customize the access the choice for all employees, as well as any people exterior. It means you are always in control.

For collaborative work, the platform offers the same advantages as Dropbox or even Google Drive: Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents can be opened directly within kDrive, to be edited online without ever having to download the document. kDrive indeed provides access to a real dematerialized office suite that allows several employees to work on stored documents at the same time. This eliminates the risk of multiple versions of a document circulating, information being overwritten, or attachments getting lost.

Another useful feature of kDrive : the drop box. This feature allows you to invite your contacts to upload files or folders. The loaded contents are then classified directly where you want it, for easy access.

kDrive can also sync with a Synology or Qnap NAS via WebDAV: this not only allows you to have local backups within your company, but also online, with the certainty of knowing your data in both places. Finally, switching from a competing cloud service to kDrive is a snap. It is possible to opt for automatic data migration from Dropbox, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive. kDrive is therefore not just a simple storage space in the cloud: it does everything to facilitate everyday life within and outside the company, with powerful and easy-to-use tools.

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kDrive, a constantly evolving solution

Beyond what it already offers its users, kDrive is a service that is constantly evolving to meet business requirements as much as possible. Among the features planned, we find in particular smart sync, advanced search and encryption of files with a dedicated key, like a digital safe, which allows data control to be taken even further.

The complete overhaul of the mobile and desktop applications of kDrive is also already planned: they are currently based on those of ownCloud and NextCloud. The infrastructure and the rest of kDrive is entirely developed by the Infomaniak teams. In short, kDrive is constantly looking to the future, which gives its tools even more credit.

Infomaniak, a host committed on all fronts

Choosing kDrive means entrusting your data to Infomaniak, one of the main European hosting providers. With more than 40% of its turnover generated in Europe, Infomaniak is committed to offering online services as close as possible to users: this is why the data hosted by it is entirely located in Switzerland in its own data centers. An independent, unlisted company, Infomaniak has end-to-end control of its solutions, from data centers to its solutions, which it develops entirely in-house. Finally, the firm offsets all of its CO emissions2 up to 200% and uses exclusively certified renewable energy. In addition, its ecological data centers are cooled with filtered outside air. Indirectly, integrating kDrive into your company’s tools can enter into its best CSR practices. Everybody wins !

Do not hesitate to test for free kDrive for 30 days with the offer tailored to your needs.

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