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Even before arriving on German soil, the Brazilian team of 2006 is presented as one of the best of all time. He has the best player in the world, the most prolific goalscorer in the World Cup, two of the most promising and improved midfielders in Kaka and Robinho. Someone like Juninuo sat on a bench and couldn’t make his way to the 11th tee, despite being the most prolific deadball player in the game right now.

Three games in the tournament, the shine goes. Ronaldinho has huffed and puffed in most games so far without any real intent or threat to the opposition’s goal. His only major contribution is the pass to Gilberto to score the third goal against Japan.

Ronaldo is the shadow of the man he once was, although he scored two goals against Japan I don’t think in the matches to come he will have such a luxurious time and space to find the bottom of the fillets.

Kaka started off brilliantly against Croatia with that hitting peach from outside the penalty area, but in the next two matches against Australia and Japan he has to settle for half chances to strike from outside. of the surface rather than being at the end of a fluid movement.

Adriano scored one but I’m not sure he fits well into this Brazilian playing system, he’s more of a European striker than a Brazilian.


In the 4-2-2-2 system, the two defensive midfielders are the stars of the show for Brazil so far in this World Cup. Emerson and ZeRoberto performed beautifully by breaking down their opponents’ attack, doing the ass work, winning tackles and allowing the star forward line to operate.

Line of defense

The defense line is old with Cafu and Roberto Carlos well in their 30s and well beyond their glory days. The center-back partnership also seems fragile as we’ve seen over the years that Lucio is likely to get it wrong.

What awaits the Brazilian team for the future?

As we have seen before, Australia and Croatia created a lot of clear chances and Japan were able to slip behind center-backs and full-backs time and time again to create an opening. The future of the Brazilian team looks bleak in this World Cup.

If you look at the draw, Brazil will face Ghana in the round of 16 and most likely Spain in the quarter-finals. Beyond the quarter-finals for this team in current form seems unlikely even though I’m not a big fan of the Spanish team.

Round of 16 vs Ghana

I think Ghana will be a severe test for the Brazilian team, because the Ghanaian team is playing at a real pace and very strong in their tackles. The only thing that matters against them is their experience at the biggest stadium and the absence of Essien, suspended for the match. In my opinion it will be bitter but I suppose that in the end Brazil will reach the quarter-finals because of their technical supremacy over the African team.


This is the year that I think Spain will reach in the last four since Brazil 1950. This Spanish team seems a good unit, a mixture of youth and experience. Spain will provide massive tests for Brazil and in my opinion it will be very difficult for Brazil to get past the quarter-finals.

Spain has above all the players to counter the Brazilian treats. The defense formation led by Pujol of Barcelona play day after day with Ronaldinho and his company. Secondly, as Brazil have so far only scored goals through exclusive shots from a distance, this window will be closed by the Spaniards as they have Cassillas’ best goalkeeper. Plus, he knows Ronaldo inside out with his time at Real Madrid.

The absence of an air threat also solves the problem of the Spanish defense as it itself is not the biggest in this area.

Spain are a good passing team and possession of the ball with Brazilian players will be less compared to what they had against less important opponents like Croatia, Australia and Japan. Thus, the opportunities created will be less and less strong and the pressure exerted on the attackers to score goals. Believe me, Ronaldo isn’t scoring against this Spanish defense and Carlos Perreira isn’t holding him back on the bench either, so it will be difficult for the Brazilians.

In Torres and David Villa, Spain has two hitmen who can exploit the space behind the aging Cafu and Roberto Carlos. With Febregac and Alonso in the middle, ZeRoberto and Emerson will have their grip as we already saw during Arsenal’s Champions League game against Juventus earlier this year.

Last but not least, I’m not ruling these things out as we saw at Euro 2004, it was a year for Greece with the Athens Olympics. So far it appears to be a Spanish year, Montoya dominates Formula 1, Nadal dominates the tennis circuit and above all Barcelona and Sevilla are the current holders of the Champions League and UEFA Cup.

Source by Anand Mann

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