Why foosball is popular in America, but soccer is not


From bars to the set of the hit TV show Friends, many people have seen the level of excitement that foosball can bring. The question is how many people realize that this popular game is a mirror image of football.

When you watch the foosball game, you see that you have the players dressed in their football strip standing on a green field. The two goal holes that you try to kick the ball into look like the goals you find in soccer and even the little white ball looks like a soccer ball.

With these popular tables found in many places and even popular tournaments in the United States, the question is why aren’t more people getting into football? Well the answer is not as simple as you might like to think.

American football, baseball, and basketball are the three most popular games in the United States. In fact, they are so popular that advertisers spend billions of dollars on advertising each year. These games attract audiences of several million ranges and there are sports channels dedicated to them.

Each of these popular sports attracts unique crowds. For example, many families tend to bring their young children to baseball. This sport has been established as America’s great past for generations. This is one of the reasons it has become so popular. Football, on the other hand, is a highly competitive sport in the United States. From sports to high school to college to professionals, many people have a direct connection with playing sports or being close to someone who does. Basketball in turn is very similar.

This direct connection to childhood and familiarity quickly made these three sports stand out for so many people. As they run throughout the year, there is no break available for a new sport to join the kingdom. This is one of the reasons why football has not gained in popularity.

Related to this, the lack of popularity has also caused too little or no television time devoted to the sport. Since the majority of US-based teams play their season in the fall, they face the soccer giant. Since this is a big motivator for sports networks, football is again placed at the bottom of the pile and other areas are targeted instead.

With all of this in mind, foosball can be played anytime and anytime. This tabletop unit doesn’t stop you from watching the big game on screen. Instead, it’s a low impact time-passer that we can use to challenge our friends and enjoy a few beers while playing at a bar.

Of course, with the recent changes in the weather, football is slowly receiving the attention it deserves in the United States. More and more people are tapping into the World Cup and other important events. In the years to come, it is very likely that more and more Americans will begin to enjoy this high impact sport and give it the attention it deserves.

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