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When involved in a draft, many fantasy football managers actively monitor the weeks off. They will often sacrifice a better player for a lower performing player because they already have someone in that position who is already absent for the specified period. However, by ignoring this information you can often do much better and achieve a higher record.

The reason people pay so much attention to their weeks off is that their players can’t play this week because they don’t have a game. As a result, they will have to remove players from their bench who might not be. also good to use. Plus, with multiple players with weeks off in the same week, team leaders might not even be able to order a full active roster. As a result, having a certain number of players with the same week off can almost guarantee a loss as your whole team is unable to play that week.

However, is this such a big deal? Even if you lose a week in the season, that ultimately won’t decide your position in the leaderboard. With a 13 week fantasy football season, wasting a week won’t rule you out of the playoffs. However, settling for lower quality players to make sure you have players to line up each week could result in the numbers going down each week, which would have a much bigger impact on your overall balance sheet.

As such, when writing players, especially newbies for your fantasy football team, focus more on quality than on weeks off. The weeks off can help you win a game, but the quality of the players will help you win the season.

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