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No native 1440p for the playstation 5. It’s too bad. Our Italian colleagues from the video game site IGN have questioned Sony spokespersons on this subject and they have confirmed that this image definition was not part of the native arsenal of the PS5.

It will be necessary to be satisfied with the historical Full HD or 4K not yet fully adopted by everyone. If you connect the console to a display that offers intermediate frame definitions, the console will do some sort of an upscale from Full HD to 1440p. This only applies to games but, side effect, there will be some loss in visual quality in passing.

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The only consoles on the market to natively support 1440p therefore remain the current Xbox One X and the future Xbox Series S and X.

Sony remains focused on TV gamers

For gamers who will only play on TV, it does not matter because the televisions are either equipped Full HD or 4K screen. But it is the gamers equipped with PC screens or those who do not want to play on a television in order to be able to stream from a desk, for example, who risk making a grimace.

The navigation interface, on the other hand, should not suffer too much from this lack. It is even quite possible that it is displayed first in 4K and then downscaled by the console’s processor. To check.

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The fact remains that the PlayStation 5 is, in a way, on par with the PS4 Pro. Sony’s current high-end console natively only supports Full HD and 4K. Paradox: it ran most games in definitions ranging … between 1440p and 1800p.

Source: IGN Italia

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