At the same time, following rumors from Jose Mourinho that he will move to Real Madrid next season, so one of his players, Diego Milito, may have also pointed out that he will be leaving the San Siro next season. .

Milito is a third person as well as a following player who reveals with the intention of possibly leaving Inter in the season ahead. Initially, José Mourinho had said with the intention that he would move to Real Madrid next season. Not long before, turn to Douglas Maicon who also said he could accompany the coach’s company to El Real. Now move on to Inter’s main forward Diego Milito, who has confirmed with the intention that he too will accompany his coach to Los Blancos.

“In football you have no idea what is going to happen in the future. Now I get an offer which is very valuable and we will find out what will happen soon,” said Milito.

Oddly enough, the forward who became an important victory in Inter Milan’s Champions League final over Bayern Munenchen suddenly turned 180 degrees as he publicly hosted Inter Milan in Italy on Sunday (5/23 ) morning local time. The former Real Zaragoza striker has revealed with the intention of completing his contract left behind in Nerazzuri’s first three years.

“My contract left three more seasons and I will stay at Inter,” Milito assumed on Sky Sport 24.

Some Italian media have claimed that what was alleged on Sky Sport Milito is a great tale. Because, José Mourinho was not present at the celebratory event held to greet the arrival of Inter skuat I Nerazzuri in Italy and assumed that Mou is negotiating to bring his favorite player was to Madrid if “The Special One” l ‘was really encouraging.

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