Winamax deletes a tweet deemed homophobic after a heated controversy


Winamax finally removed its tweet. This is the end of a controversy that started on Twitter on Saturday August 15th. To celebrate the qualification of Olympique Lyonnais (OL) in the Champions League, which succeeded that of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the sports betting platform had tweeted: ” We take Europe and we fuck him together “. A reference to the song Celsius of the rap group PNL which made people talk.

“Shocking and abject remarks”

While the tweet has been shared more than 85,000 times on Twitter, it did not please Ain MP Olga Givernet (LREM). In a letter to Prime Minister Jean Castex, dated August 17, the elected majority called on the government to ” the need to react without delay “In the face of these” shocking and abject words “.

I suspect Winamax of taking advantage of a media buzz, generated by itself on the basis of homophobic remarks to increase the taking of bets in a favorable sports news and thus maximize its profits », She wrote to the Prime Minister.

Olga Givernet then posted her letter on Twitter, also capturing the National Gaming Authority (ANJ) and directly threatening the site with a possible suspension of her ” authorization […] to offer sports betting “.

Like her, Marlène Schiappa, Minister for Citizenship and Roxane Maracineaunu, Minister of Sports have successively expressed indignation on Twitter. The first recalled that the word ” motherfucker Was a homophobic insult and prompted Winamax to ” think about the scope of [ses] about “. The second was addressed directly to the platform: ” Seriously, where do you think you are? “, Also calling on Twitter to have” let this kind of messages pass […] disgusting “.

An insufficient reason for a suspension

Entered by Olga Givernet, the ANJ said ” surprised “Of such a promotional strategy for a” leading French actor “, in one communicated published Tuesday August 18. If the ANJ is committed to being ” particularly vigilant “On the communication strategy of Winamax, the gendarme of the games declared that this tweet did not constitute a” reason for suspension “, Under the law of May 12, 2010. Nonetheless, the ANJ strongly recommended that the company withdraw its tweet – which it did on Tuesday August 18 at the stroke of noon.

A rather unexpected turn of events. So far, the case did not seem to worry the sports betting company. Interested by many Internet users, the Community Manager instead bragged about it on Twitter.

PNL – like Twitter France – did not react to the controversy. But, other rappers like Dosseh gave their support to the sports betting site, again on Twitter. And result: Winamax found itself in the top trend in Twitter France, accumulating more than 30,000 tweets on this subject. A communication operation that is ultimately rather successful?

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