wind of optimism in New York, where mass vaccination continues


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After a successful vaccination campaign in the United States, the health situation continues to improve and health restrictions are eased as in New York, where masks are no longer mandatory for those vaccinated. However, the mass vaccination campaign continues.

The city of new York, which was just a year ago the global epicenter of the Covid-19 pandemic, is emerging from a long tunnel. Covid-19 cases are down sharply, dropping 95% from January 2021.

In Times Square, life is back and passers-by don’t wear masks. This is no longer compulsory for vaccinated people, with the exception of public transport. The inhabitants of New York met by France 24 are “optimistic”, “relieved”, but also “grateful”.

The reasons of this success ? More than half of the city’s residents have already been vaccinated. However, the vaccination campaign continues. It is now possible to get your dose of the anti-Covid vaccine at train stations, such as Grand Central, where even foreigners can be entitled to it for free.

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