Your computer will restart “. Who has never seen this message appear on their machine when Windows decided it was time to install an update?

Recently, several users of the Microsoft operating system have seen Windows 10 restarting their machines without their permission to initiate the installation of an unsolicited update.

And, surprise, when they restarted their PC, they found new applications installed on their machine. Among some users, Microsoft seems to be pushing an update to integrate the web applications of its Office suite online. Run directly from an Edge browser window, they provide free access to lightweight versions of Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint. If the intention is good, the process is somewhat cavalier.

This forced installation initially appeared to be restricted to members of the Insider program. However, it seems that users working with stable versions of Windows 10 also went through this installation without their consent. Microsoft is not at its first step when it comes to promoting its own solutions within Windows 10, which is unfortunate when you know the price of a license sold on official channels.

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