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Microsoft seems to have fixed issues with its new operating system Windows 10X. According to our colleagues at Windows Latest, the OS is in the home stretch and should move to RTM (release to manufacturer) status in December. This status indicates that the software is finalized and can be offered to computer manufacturers. But Microsoft has not indicated whether it will be possible to test it, as with major Windows 10 updates.

Windows 10X was originally intended for machines with two screens, for example the future Surface Neo. But Microsoft has completely changed course. Windows 10X is now positioned as a lite version of Windows 10 intended for single screen machines. It thus becomes a competitor of Google’s Chrome OS.

Microsoft would have abandoned for the moment the support of native Win32 applications thanks to a technology of virtualization in the OS. Which means that Windows 10X will only accept PWA and UWP apps.

Windows 10X will therefore be supplied with the web versions of the Office suite programs: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. For Win32 applications, it will be necessary to wait until 2022, which also represents the theoretical year of the launch of Microsoft’s Surface Neo.

Source : Windows Latest.

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