A quarter of a century for Windows 95

Twenty-five years ago, on August 24, 1995, Microsoft unveiled its new operating system with great fanfare at a conference in Redmond, Washington. A real event, difficult to imagine today as the evolution of software has been dazzling over the past twenty years.

For the occasion, Microsoft had pulled out all the stops by broadcasting a promotional clip set to music by the Rolling Stones. Back then, no less than 17 floppy disks were needed to install Windows 95 on your computer!
Twenty-five years after its release, Microsoft’s operating system has changed a lot, but it was nonetheless the starting point for many Windows features that have become iconic, such as the “Start” menu, or even Internet version 1.0. To explore.

With Sense, Fitbit watches over your health

Unveiled among a whole range of connected products for the start of the school year, the new smartwatch from Fitbit seduces with its new features focused on well-being and health.
The Fitbit Sense has a temperature sensor, allowing you to follow its evolution in real time during the day. In case of fever, a notification alerts you to invite you to take your precautions.

In addition, the Fitbit Sense comes with a heart rate sensor as well as functionality to track your breathing rate and a “stress manager”. With this new range of features, Fitbit is positioned in the field of connected health, and seeks to compete with Apple and Withings.

Facebook accused of censorship in Thailand

The American social network is singled out for blocking access to a private group of more than one million members, following an order from the Thai government.
In the midst of the pro-democracy movement against the ruling power, Facebook’s gesture has not gone unnoticed among opponents of the regime, who accuse the social media giant of appeasement and censorship. For its part, Facebook has announced its intention to challenge the request of the Thai government, deemed “contrary to international law”.

In the rest of the web news this week, also find the first images of Asus Zenfone 7, but also the sequel to the soap opera of the takeover of TikTok in the United States with the partnership of Microsoft and Walmart to afford the network company owned by the Chinese firm ByteDance. Finally, discover the new Apple store which is about to open in Singapore: a floating metallic bubble with a bold design.

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