Someone who calls himself “billgates3” has just released the source code for older Microsoft operating systems, including Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows CE and Windows NT. This collection was posted to the 4chan forum today as a torrent and constitutes 43 GB of data in total. Oddly, this repository also contains a series of conspiratorial videos about Bill Gates. Several experts as well as The Verge believe that these source codes are true. Microsoft did not comment.

This flight will not change the face of the world, because all these systems are old and are (almost) no longer used. The risk in terms of IT security is therefore limited. According to “billgates3”, these codes had already been circulating for “years” among hackers. It was therefore time to publish them, because “ information must be free and accessible to all “. In addition, he thinks that this publication will also please Microsoft who “ claims to love open source “. Here he is served.

Source: Hacker News, The Verge

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