With its 7000 mAh battery, the Galaxy M51 could break records


Every year, the company Avenir Telecom, which operates the Energizer brand under license, is talked about with a smartphone with record battery power. We remember in particular the Power Max 18K (18,000 mAh) which had surprised the world in 2019 and which, unsurprisingly, had never been released… This was just another marketing operation aimed at exploiting the desire of many users for more enduring smartphones.

With its Galaxy M51, Samsung will undoubtedly make the dream of many users come true. Equipped with an ultra-high capacity 7,000 mAh battery, this smartphone seems set to break autonomy records.

7000 mAh in a smartphone

It must be said that the Galaxy M51 does not really have any competition. It front of iPhone SE (1821 mAh), Pixel 4a (3140 mAh) or OnePlus North (4,115mAh), its 7,000mAh battery seems oversized. Even the Galaxy S20 Ultra, Samsung’s absolute monster, comes far below with its 5000 mAh battery. Never has a smartphone launched by a major brand benefited from a battery of such capacity.

Of course, battery capacity isn’t everything. Equally important are software optimization and other components. The good news here is that Samsung seems to have made the right decisions. The smartphone’s 6.7-inch OLED display is expected to be resource-efficient and its processor, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 730, is known for its good power management. On the back, Samsung offers a quadruple camera module with a 64 Mpix main sensor, an ultra wide-angle (12 Mpix), a macro (5 Mpix) and a depth sensor.

Only unknowns: width and weight. Strangely, the Samsung site does not communicate any information on the dimensions of the product. If the Galaxy M51 doesn’t look too thick (pictured), it’s unlikely that either weight is less than 250 grams. Using plastics instead of glass could work wonders, however. Hopefully now that this product arrives in France quickly and replaces the little enduring Galaxy a51, marketed 379 euros.

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