xCloud will be accessible on iPhone in 2021 … through your web browser


Microsoft is determined to allow equipped players iPhone and D’iPad to take advantage of its cloud gaming service, the xCloud. As Apple refuses a cloud gaming portal app can be added to its App Store, Microsoft is changing its mind. It is developing (as Google did for Stadia on Mac) a web version of xCloud which will be accessible to users of Apple devices via their web browser (Chrome, Safari, …).

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According to information from our American colleagues The Verge, the project is on track and could enter the test phase soon for a launch in 2021. A project that would be carried out in parallel with the development of an official app. Microsoft is not giving up hope and wants to be ready if Apple gives its consent.

“The GamePass will be on iPhone and iPad”

According to the site Business Insider, first to speak about this development, the announcement would have been made by Phil Spencer, the big boss of the Xbox division, on the occasion of an event given internally.

We are going to land on iOS […] I feel things are going in the right direction [NDLR : avec cette solution Web] […] The Game Pass will be available on iPhone and iPad, that’s for sure. “

Microsoft uses, here, a method substantially identical to that employed by Luna, Amazon’s future cloud gaming service, to bypass the very strict rules of the App Store, despite recent concessions from Apple.

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The early 2021 program will therefore be loaded for Microsoft on the gaming side. The giant must indeed draw the games developed especially for the new consoles and who have fallen behind. He will also have to manage the simultaneous arrival of xCloud on PC, Xbox and on iOS and iPadOS.

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