Xiaomi announces that it has finalized the concept of a camera under the screen


Since the end of 2019, Chinese manufacturers like Oppo and Xiaomi have been waging an image war. All claim to be the first to have managed to hide a camera under the screen of a smartphone, making it invisible to the user. The final objective is, of course, to create a mobile without notch and without punch, whose screen occupies the entire front surface.

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If manufacturers like ZTE have taken the lead by marketing devices already equipped with this technology (which look like prototypes, as the quality is not there), Xiaomi announces for its part to have succeeded in mastering it. . The “third generation” under-screen camera (a curious name given that the previous two have never been marketed) is able to take good photos while maintaining a good quality display. Production will begin in early 2021.

Improved display and front camera

The first cameras under the screen, like the one we were able to test in Shenzhen at the end of 2019, were visible to the user. We could distinguish the location of the front camera under the screen because this part was composed of pixels a little larger than the others. The selfies, a little too grainy, also lacked quality. How do you strike the right balance between good display quality and good photo quality, especially in countries where selfies are very important to users?

In a blog post touting the exploits of its engineers, Xiaomi claims that its under-screen camera displays twice as many pixels as that of the competition. According to him, the quality is as good as on a conventional smartphone. The Mi 11, the brand’s future high-end mobile planned for 2021, could be the first to use the technology … unless Oppo replies at the end of the year so as not to be given priority?

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