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Xiaomi has just broken a record by presenting its fast charging technology with a power of 80 watts. The feat is that this is wireless charging. A demo video shows that a smartphone with a current 4000mAh battery is charged to 10% in just one minute.

The 50% rate is reached in 8 minutes and full charge takes just 19 minutes. The experiment was carried out on a Mi 10 Pro smartphone which has been modified by the manufacturer.

In one year, the Chinese manufacturer has gone from 30 W to 80 W for wireless charging. With 30W power, full charge takes 69 minutes. Xiaomi’s technology has evolved rapidly with 40W in March 2020 and 50W in August. The latter is, for example, used by the Mi 10 Ultra smartphone, which also accepts a 120 W wired charging.

Xiaomi thus overtakes Oppo which launched a technology to recharge a 4000 mAh smartphone in 20 minutes with a wired charger and in 30 minutes with a wireless charger.

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