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Navigate the waves of Sea of ​​thieves on Xbox from a iPhone or one iPad and this while you are not at home? Possible. Since this morning, Microsoft’s Xbox app is available on the Apple App Store. You will be able to play your favorite Xbox titles on your future iPhone 12 Pro for example.

But no way to go through xCloud, Microsoft’s cloud gaming service hated by apple ! Game streaming is done from your Xbox console (at home). It will be possible to play in Wi-Fi but also in 4G and 5G whether you are at home or away.

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From the app interface, you can activate your console remotely (without making the slightest chime noise and the logo illuminating) and access its interface. An interface that has been recently revamped, deployed on consoles and from which the app also benefits.

You are then free to launch a game and enjoy it on your smartphone screen. Please note, however, that a recent controller connected via Bluetooth to the device is required for optimal playing comfort.

Download the Xbox app for iPhone and iPad
Download the Xbox app for Android

Like on Android version, only games Xbox One (X), Xbox Series S and X are / will be compatible with the app.

Finally, you can manage the installation and removal of games remotely through the app. Or even share screenshots or videos taken in-game with your friends or on social media.

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