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The Telegram encrypted messaging application has just been updated. The least we can say is that this new version, stamped 6.3, should delight its users accustomed to using it to send large files to those around them.

Until now, email users could send any type of file up to 1.5 GB to their loved ones. In its latest update, Telegram increases this size limit, in place since 2014, to 2GB. For comparison, WhatsApp limits media files to 16MB and documents to 100MB.

In addition to this new feature, Telegram also offers the possibility for its users to replace their profile picture with a profile video which will launch automatically when a user views your profile. However, it will be possible to select a still image taken from this video to display it as a thumbnail in conversations.

In addition, Telegram will keep a history of all photos of profile videos configured in the past, should you wish to use them again.

Finally, the video editor integrated into the application now has a tool to smooth the skin to improve the rendering of photos and videos captured with the front photo sensor.

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