you can now watch Prime Video with your community


Twitch has just announced that its “Watch Parties” feature, or more simply “Sessions ciné” in French, is now available to all users. It allows streamers to simultaneously watch movies and series from Amazon’s Prime Video catalog with their community.

The function is not limited to that since broadcasters can obviously use their webcam to share their reaction in real time, all animated through a chat window, as during a classic stream.

A film screening conditional on the Prime subscription

However, not all Twitch Watch Parties will allow everyone to randomly disembark from a broadcast to watch content. To take advantage of this, community members will also need to have a Prime Video account and ensure that the film or series being shown is available in the catalog for their country.

To enjoy Movie Sessions today, streamers will need to go to their stream manager to connect their Prime Video account to it to begin streaming. The stream then plays as usual, with the webcam displayed and the ability to comment live for the benefit of the community.

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