Nvidia has announced a variation of its miniature PC dedicated to AI and robotics, the Jetson Nano 2GB. The suffix announcing that, unlike at the Jetson Nano launched last year, this “light” version only includes 2 GB of RAM compared to 4 GB for the first version. Compared to the previous model, the Jetson Nano 2GB loses three of the four USB 3.0 sockets but recovers two USB 2.0 sockets and trades its proprietary power socket for a standard USB-C connector.

Slightly bigger than a Raspberry Pi, the Jetson Nano 2GB is based on the same processor mixing four ARM Cortex-A57 CPU cores with 128 Maxwell generation Nvidia GPU cores.
Not enough to run Doom Eternal, that’s not the goal, but enough to encode / decode 4K60p video streams with your fingers in the nose. And especially what to use the tools of computer vision to drive a robot or run AI algorithms. Artificial Intelligence and robotics are indeed the two targets of this map, which targets the education and maker markets.

Nvidia has ideas to impose its material solutions in these areas. It is indeed in 2015 the brand announced its first Jetson TX1.
Before relaunching, two years later, a Jetson TX2 then to continue, in 2019, with his first Jetson Nano. From a price of $ 300 when buying 1,000 units, Nvidia has gone down to a unit price of just $ 59. Enough to make AI accelerators even more accessible to students and other enthusiasts of hacks based on algorithms, engines and cameras.

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