The two most powerful RTX 3000 series are going to continue to be hard to find for a few weeks. The CEO. from Nvidia, Jensen Huang, made it clear in a press exchange after the GTC opening conference (GPU Technology Conference) fall. An exchange that was largely reported by our American colleagues from Tom’s Hardware and of which we have condensed a few pieces.

“I believe demand will be much higher than our production capacity this year. The 3080 and 3090 are experiencing a problem of demand, not supply. […] And even knowing this, it will be difficult for us to increase the pace further. The product is good, it goes quickly, barely delivered. […] The holiday season is approaching and barely stocked stocks are likely to run out even faster. “

Clearly, get your hands on an RTX 3080 or an RTX 3090 is going to be very complicated in the coming weeks and this, certainly until the beginning of the year 2021. And it is a pity for the players who want to pass there.

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Indeed, both are positioned at really attractive prices compared to the RTX 20 series while offering outrageously superior performance, enough to make the most power-hungry salivate.

To prevent the third and final RTX 30 series coming this year, the RTX 3070, from experiencing the same commercial launch as the other two, Nvidia has decided to postpone putting it on the shelves for 15 days.
There is – also – a good chance that hardly available, it tears off very quickly considering the performance-price ratio announced: 520 euros to take advantage of a computing power greater than that of the current one. very high end RTX 2080 Ti which costs more than 1200 euros.

Source: Tom’s Hardware US

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