The Google Play Store has not undergone major changes in months. But things could change soon. 9to5Google, which has become accustomed to dissecting the APK installation files of Android applications still under development (in beta), has in fact just made several interesting discoveries regarding the online application store of Google.

A new interface for My games and applications

First of all, the My games and applications section should soon benefit from a facelift. For now, four tabs are available: Updates (which is probably the most used), Installed Applications, Library, and Beta applications. 9to5Google has managed to activate a new interface that Google has already been working on for several weeks. Simpler, and above all clearer, it is structured around two Overview tabs where available updates and remaining storage space are displayed, and Manage applications and devices (Manage apps & device) which allows you to manage the applications installed on the device.

The user will be able to launch all updates from the first tab, and manage all of their applications from the second. In this Manage apps & Device tab, the user would also have access to the application release notes and could select several to uninstall them at once.

Share apps directly between two devices

But the most interesting novelty is undoubtedly an installation function with other devices. It will thus make it possible to install an application already present on an Android terminal on other Android devices, without their having to be connected to the Internet. This sharing function would work thanks to a Peer-to-peer connection system, as already exists for file sharing, in particular within Google’s Files manager.

This feature will be particularly useful in areas where accessing an Internet connection is difficult. It will then only be necessary to download the application on one device and then deploy it on several Android devices.

Source: 9to5Google

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