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Blockbuster Announced of the Year, Live Action Movie Mulan will not see dark rooms. Disney prefers not to take the risk of traditional marketing and will reserve the viewing of its latest work for subscribers of its platform. As long as they buy a virtual ticket of $ 29.99. The film will be available on September 4 in all countries where Disney + is available, provided of course that a local release is not already planned.

Mulan shouldn’t be emulated

Mulan was originally slated for release on March 27 before being pushed back indefinitely due to the health crisis. Bob Chapek, the new CEO of Disney, clarified that this was a special case and that this decision to release such an important film on the platform without going through the cinema box should not be applied to the next productions of the studio. Disney is not yet on its first try. Last spring, as the planet gradually confined itself, the entertainment giant decided to offer Forward, the latest Pixar, to its American subscribers. This time, Mickey’s firm is showing less generosity. The price of the film, $ 29.99, can even seem exorbitant since it is equivalent to half of the annual subscription to the service. In any case, it is much higher than the rates usually charged by VOD platforms.

What about France? Movie theaters have opened but the media timeline makes it harder for Disney to do it. Indeed, when it is released in theaters in France, a film must last three years before being accessible on a platform such as Disney +. For the moment, the studio has not yet communicated on the French case, which should be done in the coming hours.

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