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The biggest opponent you will face in tennis is yourself.

Remember this and never take your mental game for granted.

Learn to go out of your own way, so that you can experience your real authentic playstyle, I mean, the one that is natural to you.

So realize that you have to go out of your own way and let your authentic playstyle shine through.

I mean total self-expression here.

“Tennis is about self-discovery and then about self-expression, when tennis players come to that mindset they find it easier to play their best tennis.”

It takes commitment, meditation and focus.

With the power of focus, you can become any player you want to be.

This is why I am writing this article for you today.

Each tennis player has 2 selves.

But most players focus on the self of the fault, instead of correcting their thoughts and letting the secret player out.

All tennis players have this “Secret Player” inside of them, but they don’t know how to let that player come out and shine on the court.

“Look at your mind like a river and never let huge rocks enter it to block the flow, so that you can keep your mind floating daily.”

A lot of junior players don’t work enough on their mental game and they struggle in matches.

So be aware of your thoughts and capture them, then correct them on and off the court.

Focus on mental progress and presence.

You will have to watch yourself closely every day like a hawk and prevent your mind from reliving past failures and setbacks.

Play yourself in the moment, playing each point as hard as you can and as smart as you can.

Play every match with real intentions and watch every set and practice as if it might just be your last on the court.

Because guess what my friend.

One day it will be!

Imagine if for the next 2 months you went to practice like it was the last of your career?

How would you play that day?

I bet you would play as hard as you could and be in the moment and have fun the whole practice.

Well, if you want to achieve your tennis goals and your full potential, just step aside and let your real tennis come out.

In summary.

The only person who can stop you from winning is YOU!

Source by Thomas Jay Daniels

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