If you’ve been training young baseball hitters to kill the virus, you’ve just knocked them in a hole. Crushing the bug involves a small muscle movement that reduces the power and speed of the bat. Some young baseball hitters learn to twist or turn their back foot to create more speed and power in the swing. Nothing can be further than the truth. Plus, hitting intermediate or outdoor courts with the sweet spot of the bat is nearly impossible if you have a spinning foot problem. A safe exit!

Why is the swing technique called squishing the bug still taught to young baseball hitters?

Some coaches find it necessary for batters to be on their tiptoes at the point of contact. This is commonly known and taught as “squash the bug”, “squash the bug”, “squash the bug” and “squash the bug”. Coaches who advocate this swing technique are usually youth league coaches. This swing technique is not what big hitters do in minor and major leagues.

Trainers who still advocate the bug swing crush technique usually do so for one of the following reasons:

1. Coaches often have big egos and think their methods are better than others.

2. The coach underestimates the potential and abilities of young baseball hitters.

3. They’ve never watched a video of professional hitters, in slow motion, frame by frame.

When watching live video or still images, you will likely see what is like squashing the bug. But looking at frame by frame, you will see that the bug does not resolve until well after the point of contact. The heel that lifts off the ground and the twisting of the sole of the foot is actually the result of the body rotating on its center of mass or its axis.

Another reason why a few trainers still advocate squashing the bug.

They believe it’s a simple way to teach young baseball hitters how to hip rotation.

Some people argue that many coaches underestimate what young baseball hitters can do. No matter how you look at it or what the reasons are, teaching little league players bad swing skills only defeats them as they progress through the top leagues in baseball.

Young baseball hitters need to learn the correct way to swing the bat early on so that what they learn is not unlearned later. Most adults know how difficult it is to break bad habits.

In case you’ve learned the wrong way to hit, here are some tips on how to unlearn crush swing technique.

Try to swing the bat while your back foot is planted flat on the ground. See if you can swing yourself without moving your back heel off the floor. Keep practicing until you can. Also, it can be helpful to work on the outside throws off the tee. This will help you strike with your heels and prevent that foot from spinning too early. Rotating the foot before the point of contact greatly reduces the speed and power of the bat.

When players of all ages learn the proper spin-to-spin technique, they will be able to hit balls over the outfield fence, even if they are the smallest on the team.

Source by Mike Huber

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