Among the many new features introduced in iOS 14, the Picture in picture does a lot of service. This new feature allows users to view a video in a resizable and repositionable remote window while they use another application on their device.

Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t seem to appeal to everyone, especially Google. While with the release of iOS 14 users could take full advantage of picture-in-picture mode with YouTube by playing a video in Safari, Google was quick to block this possibility. The Mountain View company does not allow the use of YouTube in the background, unless you have a Premium subscription on the platform.

As a result, for the past few days, when trying to launch Picture-in-Picture from the mobile web version of YouTube, the video plays before immediately cutting off. However, it seems that this blocking is not applied in all situations.

YouTube videos embedded in articles can obviously still be launched in mode. Picture in picture. In addition, for users of YouTube from mobile Safari, a solution exists. All they have to do is launch the site by Computer version, by pressing the Aa icon from the address bar, so that the Picture-in-Picture is functional.

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