YouTube reportedly eliminated thousands of Chinese propaganda accounts


Attempts to manipulation of public opinion from China have multiplied on social media between April and June.

Google regularly takes stock of its fight against propaganda from foreign powers on YouTube. This is what he calls “Coordinated influence operations”. It has just published its balance sheet for the second quarter.

He had to intervene against acts originating in Iran and Russia, but above all noted an upsurge in Chinese stocks. This led him to delete 2,596 accounts compared to 277 in the first quarter of this year. These channels uploaded non-political content and spam, mixed with videos about the Coronavirus health crisis in the United States.

All social networks are affected

Graphika, a company that develops software specializing in social media analysis, noted in an April 2020 report that all social networks had been affected by this phenomenon. The videos posted were based on both footage from pro-Chinese government channels, memes, and long texts in Chinese and English. It was all interspersed with political content and spam, usually landscapes, basketball pictures, or even TikTok videos. A clever method of camouflaging the real purpose of the operation. It had already been observed last fall.

In addition to the Coronavirus, the protests that followed the death of George Floyd have also been exploited to push this type of content. It remains to be seen whether the intensity of this propaganda will weaken this summer.

Source: Google, TechCrunch

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