Six complainants and three complainants accuse YouTuber Marvel Fitness with 147,000 subscribers of online harassment. Aged 31, Habannou S., the videographer of the channel dedicated to bodybuilding, is due to appear Monday, September 21 before the Versailles Criminal Court for ” sending hateful, offensive or insulting messages that have led to a deterioration in living conditions and an alteration in the physical or mental health of the victims “,” sending repeated malicious messages in order to disturb the peace “And” violence against lawyer “. He faces up to three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

“Go gang bang in comment”

Created in 2015, the YouTube channel has gradually shifted from purely sports content to commentary on other content produced by influencers in the field of fitness. According to the testimonies of the victims, if the person concerned responded, the criticism seemed to result in systematic gang harassment. ” I’m counting on you to go gang bang in comment Marvel Fitness once wrote, encouraging its community to amplify the attacks.

In front of the investigators, Habannou S. refutes the facts. For him, it is nothing more or less than codes of Internet culture, ” drama »Which he defines as a “Clash via social networks”. He believes that his words were “Misinterpreted “. The YouTuber says he is himself a victim of ” messages of insults, threats of a racist nature “.
Contacted by The world, his lawyer asks for an acquittal and pleads an infringement of his freedom of expression and the right of the press. According to him, the file includes “ full of procedural errors “. He denounces, among other things, the dual status of one of the complainants, Laure-Alice Bouvier, both lawyer and victim.

The #NousToutes collective is mobilizing

To support it, Marvel Fitness invited its subscribers to come before the Versailles Criminal Court. In reaction, the #NousToutes collective called for a rally “ to provide our support to women who dare to speak up and carry the voice of those who are still too afraid », Explains to World, Pauline Baron, organizer of the mobilization.

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