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The world of optical microscopic observation has just undergone a small revolution: Zeiss presented its Visioner 1, a microscope that “bends” the laws of physics, in the words of the German optician’s teams. His feat? Multiply the area of ​​sharpness of the subjects observed up to a hundred times, to avoid having to go back and forth with the wheel.

In optics, the more you push the magnification (photo) / magnification (microscope), the more the area of ​​sharpness is reduced. The smallest elements are thus sometimes very difficult and / or painful to observe because of these constant manipulations.

Faced with the impossibility of changing the laws of physics – admittedly, there are few things sometimes – the engineers at Zeiss have been cunning … and technological. Rather than using a classic part for its mirror, the Visioner 1 consists of an array of micromirrors (MALS) only 100 microns square. These Micro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) are driven independently of each other and can oscillate up to 20,000 times per second.

Thus, the microscope camera captures multiple images at multiple focal length values ​​per second, and combines them to make a video stream where the entire subject is in focus for the operator. With this technology, the Visioner 1 offers up to 6.9mm of area of ​​sharpness, never before seen.

Automatically focusing and projecting its image onto a screen rather than a dual eyepiece system, the Visioner 1 promises faster observations and much more comfortable working conditions.

Source : Image Sensor World

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